Building Surveys and Technical Due Diligence of Commercial Property

A building survey is an essential piece of technical due diligence that should be undertaken before the acquisition of a freehold or leasehold commercial property. Lighthouse are expert commercial building surveyors and can provide comprehensive advice on the condition of a property and its future repair and maintenance costs. Our detailed advice will enable you to negotiate or re-negotiate the terms of purchase or lease.


Lighthouse are experienced project managers, predominately focused on significant buildings / projects and commercial organisations / occupiers.

We provide full support and monitoring services for a variety of construction projects in the commercial and residential sectors. Specific services include the preparation of contract documents, contract administration, obtaining statutory approvals (planning & building control). We also have extensive experience of covering quality, programme, cost, risk and value management.


Lighthouse offer the full range of design services from inception through to completion. Services include feasibility studies, measured surveys, drawing preparation using AutoCAD, specifications, cost plans and tender documents. Our focus is on significant buildings / projects and commercial organisations / occupiers.


The term ‘dilapidations’ refers to Tenant breaches of lease obligations, and typically relate to reinstatement, repair, decoration, and breaches of statutory obligations. These breaches are identified by a Surveyor and recorded via a ‘Schedule of Dilapidations’.

Dilapidations is a specialist and complex subject. Here at Lighthouse, we have a very good knowledge of leases and the surrounding legislation. Whether you are a Tenant or a Landlord, utilising our dilapidation services will prove invaluable.

If you are a Landlord, Lighthouse can help ensure all of your tenant’s obligations have been met and that you have been compensated for any losses incurred as a result of any breach of the Tenant’s obligations.

Lighthouse also have a strong track record of acting on behalf of Tenants to ensure any Landlord’s claim is carefully scrutinised. A dilapidations claim must be fair and reasonable and represent the Landlord’s actual loss. With our in-house design and project management experience we can advise whether it would be advantageous for the Tenant to undertake the works themselves, rather than negotiate a financial settlement with the Landlord, and provide you with full support during this process.


Lighthouse provide asset management services in order for a landlord to maximise the use and value of their built assets. Services comprise Planned Preventive Maintenance Surveys, and common parts improvement / enhancement feasibility studies.

We also have a proven track record in design, procurement and overseeing the resultant programmes of work as a result of such feasibility studies.


Lighthouse act on behalf of Landlords and Tenants in navigating the LTA process. When acting for Landlords, Lighthouse ensure any tenant request is carefully reviewed and that there will be no consequential implications for the building fabric. We operate a bespoke LTA tracking schedule (which we can share with the tenant and lawyers) to ensure all necessary statutory compliance is adhered to by the Tenant and that the Landlord has undertaken the full and correct due diligence before any formal consent is granted.


Lighthouse use the latest BCIS data for carrying out accurate Reinstatement Cost Assessments both for commercial property and significant residential property.


We have a strong track record in providing development monitoring services to both freehold owners and lending banks. Focusing on cost, quality, programme and statutory compliance issues, our reports ensure the key stakeholders are appraised of development pinch points before they become exposed to unnecessary risk. With both building surveying and project management skills, we are well placed to track developments from inception to completion.